Vaping Awareness Presentation for Laurens Central School Parents

NOTE: This video has captions in both english and spanish. Just click on cc at the bottom right side of the video to select.

What do you know about vaping? Where did you get your information? Are vaping companies still targeting teens? Is it a big deal? Internationally recognized speaker Robert Hackenson Jr. recently spoke to students of Laurens Central School. Here you can watch the community/parent version of the presentation! Learn who’s behind the vaping industry, the latest research, the common influences that lead teens to vape and what parents can do to help.

What you will Learn:

  • Who is actually behind the vaping industry.
  • How the marketing targeted teens
  • What teens are actually vaping
  • Latest research on potential health effects of vaping Nicotine and/or THC
  • Common reasons teens might turn to vaping
  • What to look for
  • Resources if you find your child is vaping

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