Vaping Awareness Presentation for WH Middle Schools

Welcome to the Virtual Vaping Prevention presentation for West Hartford Middle School Students!

This presentation allows your middle school students to see behind the vaping industry. They will learn where the marketing messages they hear/see actually come from, and understand the documented health risks we know of so far. We also look into the health risks of vaping/using THC on the developing brain.

Your students will also learn about the common excuses and traps teens can face that lead some to start vaping. These include things like:

  • What peer pressure actually looks like and what to do
  • Boredom
  • Stress/Anxiety
  • Life challenges
  • and more!

We hope you enjoy this “edutaining” presentation as it is infused with magic, illusions, and humor to help reinforce the lessons. Now… Ready… Set… Learn!

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