11 Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe When Using Facebook

facebook-safety-for-teensKnowing how to keep kids safe of Facebook dangers is an important part or parenting in the cyber age. Sharing these tips on kids Internet safety is an important weapon in your arsenal against the faceless but very real predators who share the Internet with your children.

1. Just like in real life, know your kids’ Facebook friends. admin Advise them to make sure the only people who see what your teens post are their Facebook friends, friends of friends, and networks.

2. Be sure your teens are using their real age on their profiles. Facebook has security settings for teens aged 13-17 so their profiles don’t show up in public search results.

3. Discuss cyber safety with your kids starting at an early age, just like with “stranger danger” or any other safety concern.

4. Set up a Facebook profile of your own so you know what is going on.

5. Discuss boundaries and rules for Facebook use.

6. There are many games and other applications that can be reached through the Facebook threshold. Know where your child is visiting and what they are doing online

7. Discuss with them the proper way to behave on Facebook. Explain that just because it is not face to face, bullying and harassment of others is not allowed.

8. Be sure your teen knows about resources and individuals to turn to if they are being bullied or harassed on Facebook.

9. Discuss with teens that sexting or sexually explicit messages are not appropriate under any circumstances and what they should do if they ever receive explicit or inappropriate material.

10. Discuss the privacy settings, how to block someone and other useful Facebook tools that will protect them.

11. Make sure they keep their password safe and don’t share it with anyone. Also, discuss the advantages of using one-time passwords on unsecured computers.