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NEACUHO Survey's In on Cyber Safety

The results are in! I have gone through and added up the survey results and comments for the Cyber/Social Media Safety & Liability for college students. Here are the survey results of the 29 attendees from the NEACUHO WPI Drive-In. Please note that I have included all

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Social Media Dangers Presentation at WPI Drive-In

Recently I was able to deliver my presentation on Cyber and Social media dangers for college students at the NEACUHO WPI Drive-In. Over the years of speaking to college students on different topics like making positive decisions with drugs, alcohol and tobacco and problem gambling awareness, I

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College Students and Social Media Safety and Liability

Over recent years teens flocked to social media and technology advances with smart phones.  As these teens continued to grow and advance themselves by graduating and entering college, social media and technology has continued to advance as well.  However, Spiderman said it best when he said, “With

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How Long Should A Kids Magic Show Be?

So you are looking to have a magic show for your kids party, public festival, 30th birthday party or other event and want to know how long you can expect the act to be.  Over the course of my years performing magic to audiences of different ages

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5th Grader from Florida Fights Back Against Bullying

Dylan a 5th grader from Florida, recently won a contest in school for his paper against bullying.  During is interview on the Fox25 Morning Show Dylan expressed his feelings on school bullying.  How he felt that parents can only sit back and hope that their kids are

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How Ages and Audience Size Effects Having Magical Entertainment

Over the years I have performed magic at kids birthday parties and one thing that most parents don’t think about is whether their magician has the experience and know-how to handle your audiences’ ages and size. When performing a magic show for kids be sure to let

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A Dynamic Anti Bullying Program for School Assemblies

Over recent years bullying in high schools and middle schools has caught the attention of the media as it has led to many arrests, assaults, deaths, and lawsuits.  This has resulted in new government legislation that is asking schools to take additional actions in bullying prevention. A

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Magicians and Balloon Artist Entertainment for Fall Festivals

Fall is approaching and fall festivals will provide families with great fun for the weekends, but having the right entertainment at these festivals is important.  A magician and/or balloon artist is perfect fall festival entertainment.  You can picture a magician strolling around your fall festival, entertaining all

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Misperception Increases Hooka Smoking Among College Students

Even as smoking is becoming a thing of the past in restaurants and other public buildings, hookah bars are becoming more and more popular. Young people have found hookah bars to be the chic hangout they have been looking for. Many hookah bars are being conveniently placed

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Undergrads Drinking Habits Could Link to Future Abuse

According to a new study, students that show the propensity for aggression and high levels of impulsivity are more likely to carry their heavy drinking habits into their adult lives. 96 male and 265 female undergraduates anonymously participated in an online survey that used college students drinking

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