A Dynamic Anti Bullying Program for School Assemblies

Over recent years bullying in high schools and middle schools has caught the attention of the media as it has led to many arrests, assaults, deaths, and lawsuits.  This has resulted in new government legislation that is asking schools to take additional actions in bullying prevention.

A school assembly program that focuses on anti bullying is one way that a school can show the community that they are taking positive steps.  However, when having an assembly, the success of the students actually listening to and understanding the anti-bullying message heavily depends on the speaker.  The anti bullying assembly speaker must be able to connect with the students, and relate the message to the students in order to keep them engaged.

Too many schools just have a speaker that is simply a talking head.  They know the rules and regulations and lecture your students.  What’s the result? An audience of glazed eyes.  When this happens the students are no longer paying attention and are not absorbing the important messages.  This is why any school assembly speaker, whether it be a high school assembly or middle school assembly, or whether the topic is anti bullying or anything else…the students need to be engaged!

The school representative or administrator looking for an anti bullying speaker for their high school, middle school or elementary school, must look for someone that has an engaging presentation style.  Often schools will look for victims to tell their story, which can be powerful, however if this is all the students experience, they will become immune to these dramatic stories.  This is why when hiring an assembly speaker you need to switch it up, look for engaging speakers that take different approaches.  For instance, Dynamic Influence’s speakers will always use magic, illusions, video, and student interaction, along with true stories to engage students while delivering the message.  As a result many students will understand and remember these important anti bullying messages and talk about it with there friends after the school assembly program ends.  So when you are looking for a speaker for your students’, be sure to make an effort to find a dynamic assembly speaker in order to maximize the assembly’s impact on your students.

Need A Dynamic Speaker on Bullying?

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