College Students and Social Media Safety and Liability

Over recent years teens flocked to social media and technology advances with smart phones.  As these teens continued to grow and advance themselves by graduating and entering college, social media and technology has continued to advance as well.  However, Spiderman said it best when he said, “With great power comes great responsibility.”  Unfortunately many college students have made less than responsible choices/actions when it comes to social media and smart phone technology.

As a speaker for college students on important topics like “Making the Transition into College” and “Sober Thoughts – Making Positive Decisions about Alcohol and Drugs,” I spent a lot of time speaking with college students, resident life directors, and directors of student activities, and it seems like everyone had their own horror story about one or more of their students’ making stupid decisions with social media, and urged me to create a fun, interactive and educational presentation on this topic.

An example of one of these student stories was a college girl who met a random guy at a bar and then friended him on Facebook, however she did not really know this guy well.  This girl then posted on Facebook that she was having a party and listed the dorm name and room number on Facebook.  Well this guy (who did not go to this college) ended up showing up.  She made it clear that he was not welcome, but the guy refused to leave and campus security was then called to take this guy away.

It is important to educate college students on the do’s and don’ts when it comes to social media and smart phones.  They need to treat the information they post as though it will be seen by the entire world.  College students can’t think one dimensionally when it comes to what they post because there are many social media dangers that can affect the lives of these students.

Needless to say, I developed an interactive presentation for college students on the dangers of social media and smart phone technology.  If you want to learn more feel free to click here.

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