How Long Should A Kids Magic Show Be?

So you are looking to have a magic show for your kids party, public festival, 30th birthday party or other event and want to know how long you can expect the act to be.  Over the course of my years performing magic to audiences of different ages and sizes throughout New England, I have found that the length of the show completely depends on the audiences ages.  For instance, if you are looking a kids magician to entertain at a 4 year olds birthday party then, the show would most likely be about 30 minutes and followed by making balloons sculptures.  However if the audience is kids around the ages of 7-10, the show can go for 45 minutes.  If the show is for teenagers and adults, the show can be anywhere from 50 minutes to 90 minutes long.

Why the dramatic difference?  Simple, the younger the audience is, the less attention span they have.  Magic for kids needs to be very fast paced and visual, less talking more magic.  However, as the kids turn into teens and adults, they are able to listen more, and understand more complex effects.  When magically making milk disappear at a party for kids will amaze them, however by reading a person’s minds or influencing them to do something like David Blaine or Chris Angel would completely lose their attention as they would find it boring.  However, for (most) teens and adults, this is found to be entertaining and exciting, so their attention is kept.

So when planning your next event, make sure to speak to the entertainer about the crowd, the ages, size, and they will be able to give you a good idea of how long the show can be and other entertaining options that could help entertain for a longer period of time.

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