Magicians and Balloon Artist Entertainment for Fall Festivals

Fall is approaching and fall festivals will provide families with great fun for the weekends, but having the right entertainment at these festivals is important.  A magician and/or balloon artist is perfect fall festival entertainment.  You can picture a magician strolling around your fall festival, entertaining all ages as they will not only amaze kids, but also blow the minds of adults.

The strolling magician will walk around your event and look for groups of people to approach and quickly entertain them with a few fun cutting-edge magic effects.  As the magician performs other people near by will often hear the commotion and gather around the magician to see what’s going on.

Another option would be to have a magician put on a stage magic show for kids and adults as part of your fall festival entertainment.  The magician would need to have a wireless sound system that people can hear from far away, but wouldn’t have to worry about electrical outlets etc.  This sound system will help to gather a crowd as people would be able to hear it from a far.  The magic shows needs to have fun, flashy, and humorous effects that are not only understood by kids, but also capture the attention of adults.  Although this can be challenging, it should not be a problem for an experienced stage magic magician.

Having a magician that can also do balloon sculpting can also be a great activity and/or attraction for kids.  The balloon artist can put on a lesson on balloon sculpting for the kids and their parents to work together to create a balloon sculpture.  Or the balloon artist can bunker down in one location and kids can line up to receive a cool balloon sculpture, such as a t-rex, teddy bear, snail, bumble bee, a crazy hat or one of the many other choices.

All in all, having a strolling magician/balloon artist, or a stage magic show for kids and adults are perfect options for fall festival entertainment.  They will have your attendees laughing, amazed, and talking about how fun the event was, which is how you can measure success.

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