Undergrads Drinking Habits Could Link to Future Abuse

According to a new study, students that show the propensity for aggression and high levels of impulsivity are more likely to carry their heavy drinking habits into their adult lives.

96 male and 265 female undergraduates anonymously participated in an online survey that used college students drinking statistics to determine common drinking habits and personality traits of undergrads. It was discovered that nearly six percent were considered to be alcohol dependent, while 31 percent met the criteria for alcohol abuse.

After graduating, most of the heavy undergrad student drinking will level off because they are out of the environment that helped to induce their drinking. Some will continue their heavy drinking habit and become at risk for problems that are related to alcohol abuse.

Many of these individuals will move on and take on more adult responsibilities, such as career and family. But others will continue to abuse alcohol at high levels and put themselves at risk for alcohol-use disorder (AUD) It is still unknown why some people mature out of alcohol use and others don’t. It is thought that genetics and personality play a part in the process.

The study found that there are two groups of undergrad student drinking among college students. One group is more apt to drink to feel good and have a good time. This group was also more inclined to be impulsive and aggressive. It is this group that is more inclined to continue heavy drinking habits after college.

Colleges need to be more hands on in watching for these behaviors and identifying these students early on. They need to bring in specialists who treat alcohol problems in young adults and a college guest speaker to teach their student to watch for these behaviors in themselves and give them help when needed to treat their alcohol related problems.

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